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We Help Leaders & Organizations Thrive
Providing churches & businesses a clear, life-producing path forward.

Having a clear sense of the way things actually are and how to move forward.


Knowing your leadership is rooted in goodness and practical experienced wisdom.


Knowing you and your team are supported, cared for with a clear path for success.

"Improvement begins with a courageous commitment to reality."

What is Stuck, Unclear or Broken?

Work/Life Balance
Are you spending too much time in your work and not enough time with your family? 
Is mismanaged stress hindering your abilities to see, lead and be your best?
Are you hitting a growth ceiling without a clear strategy to
break through? 
Strategic Navigation
Do you have clear plans to move forward, improve
and succeed?
Staff Unity
Does your staff silo themselves, and accept areas of dysfunction
as normal?
Systems Alignment 
Are your organizational systems working against you rather than
for you?

The Path Forward  

How it works.

step 1

Contact Dean.

Schedule a
FREE Fresh
Perspective Call

to discuss the challenges you are currently facing.

step 2

Discovery Call.

Together we'll discuss your organization, your needs, and a path forward into better things.

step 3

We Focus and Learn.

We go to work for you with focused attention on learning your context, understanding your needs and creating clear plan forward.

step 4

Improve and Grow.

 Move your leadership and organization to the next level implementing our time tested methods 

customized for your unique context and approach.

Discover a Clear Path to a Better Organization and a Better Life!

“Dean Stelow was instrumental in defining and executing the makeover of Northbrook Church’s approach to ministry, and creating an organizational structure aligned with that approach.  He offers the rare talents of being equally adept at providing value in both creative and strategic roles.”

Chris Cagle

Vice President - Blast Craft Services Inc.
Chairman of the Board of Elders - Northbrook Church



Russ Bishop - President 

Common CENTS Solutions

“Dean Stelow is an amazingly gifted leader and has helped our company in many ways through the years. I cannot say enough about his wisdom and insight when it comes to business, ministry, leadership and life in general. His life experiences, servant's heart, and genuine humility make him well qualified to mentor, coach, and encourage others, and I highly recommend Reorient Consulting!” 

Consulting & Coaching



Weekly Leadership Coaching

Marketing & Story Telling

Healthy Staff Transitions and Alignment

The Creative Process

Organizational Collaboration

Strategic Communications Systems

A/V & Streaming Technology

Wise Navigation


Worship Ministry Leadership

Church Communications

NextGen Ministry Leadership

Assimilation and Guest Services 

Reorient Consulting exists to partner with your leadership helping to navigate challenges and release vitality and success in and through your organization.

Invest in...

Your Leadership  Your Culture | Your Organization

RM-icon HD.png


  • Weekly Coaching Sessions (1-2 hours)

  • Monthly progress update session with the leader's leader (30 min)  

  • Drop-in access to Dean Stelow during business hours

  • A monthly Forward Movement Report

  • Reorient Leadership Alignment Surveys 

  • Email response priority

  • Clear weekly next steps

 $1000 a month 

Save with Bulk Pricing

3 Months $2500 SAVE $500!

6 Months $4500 SAVE $1500!

RM-icon HD.png
Team Culture


  • Team Health Assessment

  • Initial Assessment Session with Team Members (1-7 members)

  • 4 x 1.5 - 2 hour coaching sessions per month with Team Leader 

  • A monthly progress update session with team leader's leader 30 min

  • Drop-in access to Dean Stelow during business hours

  • Email response priority

  • Clear weekly next steps

  • A monthly Forward Movement Report

  • Reorient Team Alignment Surveys

  • Facilitate a Team Health Group Discussion using the Five Dysfunctions of a Team

    Optional Month to Month Add-on: $750 a month

$2000 a month 

Save with Bulk Pricing

3 Months $4900 SAVE $1100!

6 Months $6500 SAVE $5500!

RM-icon HD.png
System Consulting


  • 10-15 hours of a focused Organizational System Assessment

  • System Revitalization Proposal

  • Clear Weekly & Monthly Plan of Action 

  • Weekly navigation session with System Team/Lead

  • A monthly progress update session with the system lead's direct report

  • Roll-out & Communication Plan Development

  • 3 months of follow up Leadership Coaching Sessions (1 hr - Once a month) 

  • Drop-in access to Dean Stelow during business hours

  • Email response priority


$4000 per system

A 3-6 month process

Organizational Systems:

Defining Values & Strategy

Intentional Staff Culture 

Collaborative Team Planning

Internal Communications

External Communications & Marketing

A/V & Streaming Technology

Video Production Processes

Assimilation and Guest Services

Creative Process
(Sermon Series and Weekend)

"Courageous leaders are those
who would rather challenge what needs to change
and pay the price than remain silent and slowly die inside."  
- Andy Stanley

Why Reorient?


Answers from Dean Stelow - Founder of Reorient Consulting LLC

We Combine Strategy & Creativity
"Our approach flows from decades of testing models that integrate sustainable creativity with collaborative strategic systems of leadership."
It's About Releasing
"My goal is to help you and your team release the latent creativity, potential and vitality that is just waiting to be released."
A Commitment to Healthy Success
"25 years of "successful leadership" in both large and small organizations has taught me that success does not always equal health. I've learned that true success is more than just numbers and growth."

"Dean Stelow is a creative visionary with amazing communication skills. He helps you see what you and your organization could become and then helps you implement and communicate that vision."   

Dennis Backhaus

President - Spiros Industries Inc.

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