How We Help.


"No man, or woman, is an island."
but leaders often feel that way. 

Even for a healthy leader, leadership is often lonely and isolating. Leaders need perspective, encouragement, challenge and support.

Reorient Leadership Coaching is designed to be a wholistic approach to leadership development. Our work is to help leaders navigate the important work of your unique calling while honoring the sacred value of your own life and soul.


Life Systems

"80% of your problems are not PEOPLE problems ... they are SYSTEM problems, because systems create the behaviors of people."  - Andy Stanley

Latent Creativity 

Untapped Collaboration 

Ineffective Communication
Unrealized Results 

are often related to

missing or dysfunctional systems.

Systems are how life flows in everyday work. They are the practical mechanisms through which values, vision and mission flow.

Reorient Systems Consulting will help you identify what and why your current systems are producing and help you create or realign systems to deliver the better results.

Vibrant Team

Culture Coaching

The way of our work 


the what of our work. 

Unity, dissension, respect, disrespect, collaboration, meetings after the meetings, trust, egos, accountability, personal agendas, honesty...these are just a few cultural realities that affect the life and integrity of your team.

How important are these types of things to your organization and what do you do about it?

Reorient Culture Coaching partners with your organization to create safe and effective space to align and re-align with  values and mission.

Church & Non-Profit Consulting

Artistic Leadership (Worship Arts)

Healthy Staff Transitions and Alignment

NextGen Leadership

The Creative Process

Strategic Communications

A/V & Streaming Technology

Wise Navigation


Churches and Nonprofits contain a unique set of realities that require spiritual wisdom rooted in
practical and tested experience.

Reorient Consulting exists to partner with your leadership helping to navigate challenges and release life in and through your organization.

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